Welcome to Seacross Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

  • Two MHRA approved lines for injectables that are scalable on demand.
  • Up to 30 million units annually with potential upgrade.
  • New workshops under construction, including oral solid, pre-filled syringe, powder filling injectable.

Workshop I (Oncology Injectable)

  • Compounding, filling 2ml-100ml (liquid & lyophilization) oncology injectable.
  • Up to 300 L compounding volume, 300vial/min,14 sq.m lyophilizer expandable to 42 sq.m
  • Integrated 0~2ºC aseptic filling process from compounding to lyophilization.

Workshop M (Non-oncology Injectable) 

  • Compounding, filling 2ml-100ml (liquid) non-oncology injectable.
  • Up to 300 L compounding volume,120 vial/min.

Workshop P 

  • Visual inspection & packaging line.
  • Innovative protective sheathing available, minimizing the risk of exposure of healthcare professionals.

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